Cookies N Cream Fuego Protein
Cookies N Cream Fuego Protein

Cookies N Cream Fuego Protein

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Our Delicious Chocolate Fuego Protein is unlike any other competitors, we use quality ingredients and fully dosed that you could taste the richness when taking a scoop, we guarantee it so much, that we'd offer you a full refund if not satisfied.


 Build Lean Muscle

  Amazing Quality & Mixture

  No Bloat, Gas, or Clumps

  Reduce Recovery Time




Not all protein sources are created equal. That's why Fuego Protein was created. Unlike other protein sources, you know the exact ingredients in every scoop and you know you are receiving good quality protein with little fat or carbs.  

Protein is an essential element in repairing and building new muscle. Whey protein itself is a good quality protein and contains all 9 essential amino acids. This way, you know you aren't lacking in one amino acid, which would prevent you from attaining maximum growth. Each scoop contains 24g of protein, enough to supplement your cereal, drink as a mid-day snack, or have as a post workout shake. 

Fuego Protein is a low fat (1.5g) and low carb (3g) supplement, meaning if you're tracking macros, it won't be hard to fit in your diet. And, even if you aren't tracking macros, you can rest assured that the vast majority of the 125 calories per scoop is coming from protein. Protein is the hardest molecule for your body to break down, so it leaves you feeling fuller for longer which can help with dieting as well. When added as a supplement to a daily meal, you won't feel the need to eat again in 2 hours like we often do when we just have something high in carbs like cereal for breakfast.  

Fuego Protein also has 150mg of potassium which helps with muscle recovery after a hard workout. Replenishing your potassium can help reduce cramps and is needed to contract your muscles. Potassium is also essential for normal heart function and maintenance of blood pressure.  

Finally, people who exercise a lot, especially lifters, need calcium in their diet to strengthen their bones. Fuego Protein contains 15mg of calcium, so right after that lift when you take that post-workout shake, your body gets a good dose of calcium to help keep those bones strong. It's proven that lifters have stronger bones than people who are sedentary, and this protein mixture helps with that.  


Protein (24g) 

Protein is made of amino acids. Essential amino acids are the amino acids that we cannot synthesize ourselves and we need in our diet. The 25g of protein in Fuego Protein is from whey protein isolate which contains all 9 essential amino acids.  

Total Fat (1.5g) 

Fat is essential in our diets for cell function, however, majority of us take in too much fat. Fuego protein has a very low amount of total fat. 

Total Carbohydrates (3g) 

Carbohydrates replenish our muscle's glycogen energy store. To perform at our peak, we need carbohydrates. But, like with fat, we often take in too many carbohydrates throughout the day, so Fuego Protein only contains 4g.  

Sodium (90mg) 

With those of us who exercise and sweat a lot, it's important that we take in some sodium. Sodium helps to maintain proper water volume in our cells and prevents cramps.  

Potassium (150mg) 

Potassium helps with muscle recovery (prevents cramps) and proper heart function, including maintaining healthy blood pressure.  

Calcium (15mg)  

Calcium is found in our bones and is constantly being recycled in our bodies. Having a steady intake of calcium every day will ensure that your bones can handle those big lifts. 

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