What is Motivation?

What is motivation?

A lot of us think that only a few of us have it, and that it’s just this inherent thing you’re born with from day one. We all can think of that one person we had in class that seemed like they were born to succeed at anything they tried. While some people are sort of gifted in a sense, the vast majority of us get discouraged by their apparent lack of trying which still ends up as a success.

I used to be one of those people. When I compared myself to the average crowd, everything seemed easy for me. However, recently, I’ve hit a bump in the road. I’ve had a few encounters with a sense of not being good enough, but not enough to really put thought into what motivation really is and where it originates.

We all have the capability to be motivated, no matter what circumstances life hands to us. Everybody has their good and bad times. Some things that happen we have control over, and some of it we really don’t, and it leaves us questioning whether there’s something wrong with us or when things are going to start going our way.

Although there are many things in life that we can’t control, there are still a few things that we ourselves are the master of. One of those things is fitness. Some people think that you have to be that person that has inherent motivation to stay fit. This is far from the truth. You must have the discipline to not just look at yourself and say I’m not happy with the way I look, or I’m not happy with how weak I feel. You need to act on all the things in your life that you aren’t satisfied with and have the control to change. Fitness is a huge one. It can also help you during times when you’re feeling down. And this isn’t to say that just because you have control over something that you simply have the motivation to stick with it. We aren’t motivated all the time, and that’s okay. The difference between those people you see always succeeding, and the people who are left in the dust, is the presence of discipline which we all have to mold into our daily lives.

Author: Sasha Oosting

So, while I can easily sit around a feel sorry for myself about the things in my life that aren’t going as planned, I decide to better myself in the areas that I have control over, and I’ve stuck with it over time. Will you get down about the things going on in your life? Or will you utilize that discipline and better yourself despite the s**t that happens to all of us?

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