The Chris Pratt (Star Lord) Training Program and Philosophies

Chris Pratt is among the most charismatic and down-to-earth guys in Hollywood. What’s more, he’s shown us that having a ‘dad bod’ doesn’t need to be a life sentence.


Ever since Chris landed the role of Peter Quill (a.k.a. Star-Lord) in Guardians of the Galaxy, he’s managed to drop more than 60 pounds. Yes, that’s right. Sixty pounds.


We can come up with all sorts of excuses for him, but that is some severe fat loss, no matter how you look at it.


To get in his best shape, Chris was paired with some of the best coaches out there. Lucky for us, a lot of details surrounding his nutrition and training are available.


The Chris Pratt Diet Plan


We enjoy seeing the ‘after’ of every transformation. But it’s also essential to look at the ‘before’ now and then. Here is what Chris had to say about himself before assuming the role of Quill:


“My bones ached, I had cardiovascular issues [when I was fat]. I was unhealthy. I was feeling rotten. I didn’t feel too great about who I was.”


The primary strategy Chris used to transform himself was the paleo diet. The actor has stated that going paleo has made him much more energetic and it has improved his sleep.


Now, the paleo diet is nothing new, and many people have used it successfully. It’s a diet based around high-fat and high-protein intake with moderate to low carb consumption.


Most importantly, it’s what Chris found to work for him. It was sustainable for him.


The Chris Pratt Training Program and Philosophies


If his incredible transformation isn’t enough to convince you that Pratt has an incredible work ethic, then his coaches, Phil Goglia, and Duffy Gaver might. They’ve said that Chris is not one to need constant pushing to keep going. He’s always been able to motivate himself and follow his training and nutrition plans down to a tee.


He wanted to pack more muscle, get leaner, and be more athletic to do real justice to his role of Star-Lord.


Without further ado, here is the routine that transformed Chris Pratt into Peter Quill. He’s reportedly trained four to six times per week.




Treadmill – 10 min at 5.0 speed.


Pull-ups: 3 sets of 5 reps


Pushup: 3 sets of 10 reps


Squat: 3 sets of 15 reps




Monday Back Workout


Pullups 5 sets: 20/15/12/10/10 Reps Superset


Pushups 5 sets: 20 reps Superset


Wide Grip Lat Pulldown 4 sets: 12 Reps


Hammer Strength Row 4 sets: 12 Reps


One-Arm Row 4 sets: 12 Reps


Back Hyperextensions 4 set: 25/20/15/15 Reps Weighted if you can





Plank – 3 sets: 60 sec


Hanging Leg Raises- 3 sets: 12 Reps  


Side Plank 3 sets: 60 sec


Toes to Bar- 3 sets: 12 Reps (Go Slow)


The 1st 2 exercises are done as a Superset. This means you pullups and pushups back-to-back. Normally, you rest a minute between exercises. For a Superset, there is no rest between the two exercises.


Tuesday Chest Workout


Bench Press 4 sets: 12/10/8/6 Reps Go up in weight each set with a spotter


Bench press 4 sets: 4 Reps Heavy Weight


Incline Bench Press 4 sets: 12 reps


Hammer Strength Bench Press 4 sets: 15 Reps


Weighted Dips 4 sets: 10 Reps Super (Make sure your elbows go 90 degrees)


Standing Cables flys 4 sets: 12 Reps Superset


Here, the last 2 exercises are done in a Superset. This means you do a set of weighted dips, followed by a set of Standing Cable Flys. Usually, you rest a minute between exercises. For a Superset, there is no rest.



Wednesday Legs Workout

Squats 7 sets: 10/8/6/5/4/3/3 Reps


Deadlifts 4 sets: 12/10/8/6 Reps


Leg Presses 1 set: 1 Rep to Failure strip set


Walking Lunges 4 sets: 20 Reps


Leg Extensions 3 sets: 20 reps superset


Leg Curls 3 sets: 20 reps superset


Standing Calf Raise 3 reps: 20 reps superset






Plank – 3 sets: 60 sec


Hanging Leg Raises- 3 sets: 12 Reps  


Side Plank 3 sets: 60 sec


Toes to Bar- 3 sets: 12 Reps (Go Slow)


After those reps, immediately remove a plate from each side. Again, do as many as you can. Repeat this process until there’s just one plate left on each side.



Thursday Shoulders Workout

Military 7 sets: 10/8/6/5/4/3/3 reps overhead press


Arnold Press 4 sets: 12 reps


Barbell Shrugs 4 sets: 12reps


Lateral Raise 3 sets: 12 reps superset


Front Raises 3 sets: 12 reps superset


Rear Delt Flys 3 sets: 12 reps superset


The Shoulders workout includes a Superset of Lateral Raises, Front Raises, and Rear Shoulder Raises. This means you do all three exercises in-a-row before resting. For the Arnold Press, Duffy has Pratt start with his arms facing towards himself. They also did Overhead Press to measure Chris Pratt’s overall strength and gains.


Friday Arms Workout

Barbell Curl 3 set: 10 reps


Skull Crushers 3 sets: 10 reps


Preacher Curls 3 set: 10 reps Superset A


French Curls 3 set: 10 reps Superset A


Hammer Curls 3 set: 10 reps Superset B


Triceps Rope Press-down 3 set: 10 reps Superset B


Wrist Curls 3 set: 10 reps Superset C


Reverse Wrist Curls 3 set: 10 reps Superset C






Plank – 3 sets: 60 sec


Hanging Leg Raises- 3 sets: 12 Reps  


Side Plank 3 sets: 60 sec


Toes to Bar- 3 sets: 12 Reps (Go Slow)


The Friday Arms Workout has 3 Supersets. You do 2 exercises in a row, without rest. Then, you rest for 45-60 seconds before doing the same Superset 2 more times. Move onto the next Superset when you’re done with all 3 reps/sets.

On the hammer curls, Duffy Gaver has Chris Pratt choke up on the dumbbells. This makes the exercise a bit harder and focuses on widening the biceps–something important for a Hollywood Superhero.




Chris Pratt Total Body Circuit

This workout circuit means you do one set of each exercise, then move onto the next. You’re finished when you’ve gone through the circuit workout 5 times.



Treadmill 5 rounds 400 meters speed challenge


Burpees 5 rounds 10 reps


Pull-ups 5 rounds 10 reps


Pushups 5 rounds 10 reps


Bodyweight Squat 5 rounds 10 reps


Rowing Machine 5 rounds 400 meters Speed Challenge


Ab Crunches 5 rounds 25 reps


Hanging Leg Raises 5 rounds 25 reps


At first, you may need to stop and rest. But, the goal is to do this workout as fast as you can, using proper form. Challenge yourself by getting it done faster each week. You may not have a Navy SEAL there pushing you but find your own motivation. Beat your previous time each week!




Progress in 5 Months:


Maximum Pull-ups: 7 (start), 30 (end)

Maximum Deadlift: 225 pounds (start), 315 pounds (end)

Mile Run Time: 8:30 (start), 5:50 (end)




We should take inspiration from Chris. He’s managed to completely transform himself with a relatively simple training and nutrition plan.


Plus, we can never discount the importance of supplements. They do a great job of making it easier for us to do hard workouts, get enough of the right nutrients, and produce better results in the long run. If you are interested, you can check out our line over at Fuegosupps.


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