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Marines? The most common thing that we get asked is, “What should I expect?” Well, what I can tell you is that nothing will be handed to you, and you won’t be asked twice. With that being said, you’re going to have to want it. I can also tell you that there is nothing more rewarding than becoming a Marine. The moment the Eagle, Globe and Anchor (EGA) is placed in the palm of your hands by your Drill Instructor, you lose your breath and tears start rolling down your cheek. It’s that feeling of accomplishment. You just endured 13 weeks of hell.. You are now...

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Hello everyone, My name is Armando Nava Jr. First and foremost, I would like to thank you so much for stopping by and showing love to our site and products!


I was born and raised in McAllen Texas. I was surrounded by individuals that had always followed a system; go to school, graduate, attend college, and hopefully get a job afterwards. You see, I knew I was different right away.


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