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This recipe is ridiculously simple and extremely good for you. Low carb and high protein makes this recipe a great start to the day.   What you’ll need:  2 scoops of Fuego Strawberry Coconut Crème Protein  2 eggs  1 teaspoon of baking powder  1/3 cup of milk, I prefer Fairlife   To begin, mix all the ingredients in a bowl with a spoon or whisk until the batter is pourable. Take a skillet and warm it on medium to high heat. For each pancake, you’ll either want to use butter or a pam alternative to keep each pancake from sticking. If you use butter you’ll end up using less...

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This is going to be a new series where we delve deeper into the importance of stretching when it comes to any exercise routine. But first, why should we stretch? Time and time again I see people in the gym going pretty hard with weights, but not doing any sort of a warm up or stretching routine. When your muscles are cold and you go into a workout, you increase your risk of tearing muscles and tendons. The harder you exercise, the more your muscles shorten and tense up. If you don't stretch yourself out at all, you get tighter and tighter. Think of an...

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