NavaTheBeast Home Military HITT Workout (Upper Body)


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This workout will include a full upper body workout for itnermiatte lifters, if you are a beginner, I recommend to take some sets off and repetitions. Keep in mind to stretch beforehand and ensure you are properly hydrated before the workout. It's essential that your body is fueled properly before any workout.

 Fuego MILITARY Home Workout (Intermideate) HITT 

- Stretch Upper/Lower body for 10-15mins

Warm up 10-15 min Jog around the neighborhood

(Keep the core tight and loosen the muscles) 

- 3 sets of Bench Press + 20 Push-ups in between sets

(keep in mind that while resting that you are jogging in place and keeping the heart rate up) 

- 3 sets Wide Grip Pull-Ups + 20 Burpees 

(In between sets conduct the burpees and ensure you are constantly moving)

- 3 sets Incline Flys + Jumping Jacks (20 reps)

( Incorporating exercises in between working sets help build endurance and burn fat while building muscle, but keep in mind DIET is the key) 

- 10x10 wide grip pull ups + leg lifts (20 reps)

(burning the muscles to exhaustion and using the full body is the best way to build a better core and better endurance) 

- 2 Mile Run after


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