NavaTheBeast "Green Berets" Fitness Test CHALLENGE

NavaTheBeast "Green Berets" Fitness Test CHALLENGE


20 Pull Ups

40 Sit ups in 1 Minute

40 Push Ups in 1 Minute

20 Dips

80% bodyweight Bench Press 6 Reps

5 Miles in under 45 Minutes

Welcome Fuego Nation, Thank you for stopping by and watching the latest NavaTheBeast Video. Not going to lie, that challenge was pretty intense, especially since I haven't ran 5 miles since.. Phew.. About 6 months ago. But? "NAVA HOW WERE YOU ABLE TO RUN THAT MUCH IF YOU HAVEN'T RAN THAT LONG?" Well, here are some the key tips that I used to prepare myself for this fitness test. 

Throughout the past couple months, I've been implementing endurance workouts during my bodybuilding routine. Similar to our "MARINE FIT PROGRAM" that incorporates bodyweight workouts and endurance combing the two in one. Every day that I went to the gym and hit my routine which is usually a 4 day split of (PUSH, PULL, CORE, LEGS) I would incorporate a set of jump ropes or burpees usually about 50-100 reps in between sets, rather than taking a rest! Crazy huh? lot of people in the gym would probably look at you and think... Damn he's going to lose his GAINS if he does that... WRONG. SO, my mindset when training is not only to get stronger, bigger and muscular, BUT ALSO increase my endurance at the same time. Wheather I'm bulking or cutting. So my recommendation to you is to incorporate these small exercises rather than taking a 1-2min rest period. 

Exercises include:

Burpees, Pull ups, Leg lifts, push-ups, jump ropes, high knees and the list goes on.. 

Implementing this during my workouts, helped increase my endurance and performance, there was no "MAGIC PILL" or "POWDER" to be honest you don't need anything to help you preform at the gym. YOU NEED DISCIPLINE and CONSISTENCY, it's that simple. Our FUEGO ENERGY is only a supplement that helps assist you and pushes through your workouts, but trust me. The results come from YOU. So my recommendation is to constantly incorporate these exercises through any workout program and maintain that combat effective mindset of being no only muscular and strong, but also have the ability to menuver and have the stamina to return fire and engage the enemies. Think of that mindset, rather than just lifting weight and achieving an amazing physique. 

HYDRATION IS KEY! Remember kids to hydrate before any fitness test, usually 2 nights prior and the day before the actual test. It's essential, I personally do this before any fitness test I attempt. Hope you enjoyed, stay tuned for the next fitness challenge! Join the emailing list for updates! Much love!


-NavaTheBeast (Armando Nava) 

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