How To Improve Your Pull Ups


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This pyramid workout will include many repetitions and sets, Keep in mind to stretch beforehand and ensure you are properly hydrated before the workout. It's essential that your body is fueled properly before any workout.


- Stretch Upper/Lower body for 10-15mins

Warm up 10-15 min Jog around the neighborhood

(Keep the core tight and loosen the muscles) 

1st working SET

- 10 Wide Grip Pull Ups

- 8 Wide Grip Pull Ups

- 6 Wide Grip Pull Ups

- 4 Wide Grip Pull Ups

- 2 Wide Grip Pull Ups

- 30 Second Hold (Dead Hang) 

- Repeat 3 Times 

(keep in mind it's key to use your core and focus on form rather than repetitions) 

Finisher Round:

- 10 Chin Ups + 10-15 Wide Grip Pull Downs

- 20 Wide Grip Push Ups

- Hanging Raise 30-1min

- Repeat 2 times


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